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Blockchain technology is rapidly evolving. We guide businesses, from startups to enterprises, to understand how blockchain can solve their most pressing business challenges and build custom, full stack solutions designed to deliver measurable results. 

Blockchain solutions that deliver results

If you have thought of ways to disrupt your industry or discover value in your business, the word ‘blockchain’ has probably been mentioned. For good reason - blockchain technology has become a focus for a range industries, from financial services and insurance, to health care and entertainment.

But what does blockchain truly mean, specifically when it comes to achieving your business objectives and driving value?

GigLabs support organizations in building out their blockchain roadmap from ideation and strategy through proof of concepts and product development.




Strategy Consulting

Work with your team to identify how blockchain technology fits within or can completely disrupt your business model.

  • Objectives and business model (e.g. workshops)

  • Alignment and shared direction (e.g. stakeholder interviews)

  • Market fit (e.g. primary and secondary research)

  • Competitive review / current landscape

Product design and architecture

Design recommendations for go-forward approach and build detailed product or platform requirements.

  • Technology components and feasibility

  • High-level user stories

  • Development timeline and roadmap

  • Expected budget

Proof of concept / MVP Build

Build solutions and test pilots with customers in order to determine market fit.

  • Smart contract development

  • Proof of concept build, test and launch

  • Front- and backend designs

  • Measurement and analytics

Managed blockchain solutions

Partner in the management and performance of the solution.

  • Feature requests and upgrades

  • System operations and upkeep

  • Customer support

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