Our Team

Our team shares a common enthusiasm for the blockchain, its potential and capabilities - exploring not only its technical sides but also the real world implications. As we continue to expand, we’ll look to grow our team to include a diverse range of talent and experience, while maintaining that drive to find innovative solutions through blockchain technology.

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Douglas Dimola

Strategy | Operations | Development

An accomplished entrepreneur, innovator, and leader, Douglas is extremely passionate about technology and design. Doug has proven success as a software engineer, product manager, and leadership with 15+ years of software product development experience. Doug is a former member of the United States Air Force, has a BSEE from Ga Tech, and is currently completing an MBA from the University of Illinois.

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Brian Burns

Engineering | Product | Business Development

Brian has 15+ years development expertise in software, networking, and security products. He started dabbling with Ethereum in 2014 and has since fallen in love with smart contracts and creating full-stack dApps. Brian has strong past experience leading global software engineering, product management, systems engineering, and architecture teams. In addition, Brian is currently in the process of teaching his two young boys all of the secrets that can be discovered in The Legend of Zelda.

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Jon Parise

Growth | Strategy | Marketing

Experience on both the client and agency sides has given Jon a breadth of knowledge in building relevant and profitable customer growth strategies. Prior to GigLabs, Jon led the Customer Marketing team at Kabbage, a high growth fintech company. Jon got his BA from Marquette University and MBA from University of North Carolina, and therefore, yes, he loves college basketball.

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