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Blockchain technology is rapidly evolving. GigLabs GUIDES businesses, from startups to enterprises, to understand how blockchain can solve their most pressing business challenges and BUILDS custom, full stack solutions designed to deliver measurable results. 


Our Work

GigLabs supports organizations in building their blockchain roadmap - from ideation and strategy through proof of concepts and product development.

We specialize in building proof of concepts and rapidly piloting blockchain solutions that can scale. Our team is business minded, scrappy and focused on results. There are many applications for businesses to take advantage of blockchain technology and our team brings the right blend of business and technology experience.

We’re globally focused but Atlanta, GA is our home!



Blockchain’s impact goes far beyond the financial industry. We work across categories and industries to uncover blockchain technology’s capability to address massive business problems that would otherwise go unsolved.



Featured Industries and Work


Legacy systems and slow innovation has led to operational inefficiencies that have not kept up with issues of trust, governance and and data privacy in health care. Blockchain is the technological revolution the healthcare industry desperately needs.


With blockchain comes a new, safe and transparent way to transfer money between parties. Blockchain technology can process cross-border transfers of money and assets quickly - all while providing legitimacy and trust at a lower cost.


Blockchain technology brings a new level of integrity to data analysis through unified and immutable data sources. Through tokenization, blockchain can marry disparate sources of data and create a single source of truth.


Marketers are always on the hunt for a new ways to build consumer engagement. Digital blockchain collectibles - non-fungible tokens - deliver true ownership to the consumer and stronger loyalty to your brand. Read more.


We formed Second Legion Studios to unlock all of the potential we see in blockchain’s future disruption of the gaming industry. In the process, we uncovered a new business model that is good for both gamers and game companies alike. Visit Second Legion.


The insurance industry relies on fast, reliable, secure and fraud-free settlements. Blockchain solutions deliver claim settlements that are both faster and less costly.


The Lab

At GigLabs, we recognize the potential that the blockchain brings to completely change the way consumers view their digital life and the way businesses engage and interact with their customers. We rapidly pilot and scale proprietary blockchain solutions that can be viably launched as standalone ventures or partnerships.

Featured projects:



We launched Second Legion Studios after the success of our first proof of concept game - Caesar’s Triumph. We’re building blockchain games that people love and designing worlds that allow people to own, improve, manage and sell their digital assets.

Second Legion >>



We built a blockchain development marketplace for global developers, product managers, and designers to team up and create full stack decentralized apps. The marketplace itself is also decentralized (built on Ethereum). Sound intense? It's actually pretty straightforward. No matter where you are, you can log in, find a project and get paid.

GigApps >>


What can we build together?

Talk with our team about your blockchain ideas and let’s discover how we can work together.

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