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As more assets move to the digital space, the need for transparent, safe and trustworthy solutions that enable proof of ownership becomes essential. The blockchain delivers these types of solutions by bringing increased access and control of digital assets to both consumers and businesses.

At GigLabs, we recognize the potential that the blockchain brings to completely change the way consumers view their digital life and the way businesses engage and interact with their customers. Our focus is on rapidly piloting and scaling blockchain solutions that can be viably launched as standalone ventures or partnerships. 

Get to know us better by exploring some of our early work and thoughts.



01. CryptoRome

The gaming industry should take notice. 

We developed CryptoRome to 1) build a blockchain based game that people would love and 2) design a world that allows people to own, improve, manage and sell their digital assets. We're partnering with gaming companies to bring their games to the blockchain.

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02. GigApps

We launched a blockchain development marketplace for global developers, product managers, and designers to team up and create full stack decentralized apps. The marketplace itself is also decentralized (built on Ethereum). Sound intense? It's actually pretty straightforward. No matter where you are, you can log in, find a project and get paid.

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03. Our thoughts

Looking to bring your game experience to the blockchain? Validating the authenticity of a document? Adding value to your customer experience? There are many applications for businesses to take advantage of blockchain technology.

We explore a variety of topics in our blog which can be found here



Looking to build your blockchain project or just Want to learn more about what we're up to? We would love to connect!

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