Atlanta’s Innovation Studio Launches Its First Venture

I’m excited to announce the creation of Second Legion Studios — the first official venture forming out of GigLabs, our blockchain innovation studio based in Atlanta, GA. Second Legion Studios will take ownership of GigLabs’ blockchain IP in the gaming and eSports industries.

Our path to forming the Legion

Brian and I started GigLabs 14 months ago with the goal to develop new solutions and platforms that utilize the capabilities that blockchain technology allowed. Full of ideas, we pushed quickly to build different solutions and test them in the market. We created our own products while also working with partners to craft new, innovative blockchain solutions for them and their customers.

One of our early products explored the gaming industry and the disruption blockchain technology could have on such a major industry. CryptoRome is the result of this exploration. CryptoRome is a gaming ecosystem, providing multiple games, innovations, and a social network to the members of this community.

CryptoRome leads the way

CryptoRome explores the possibilities of digital asset ownership through the use of digital land players own, sell, trade, and actually modify through upgrades and buildings. Owners are capable of buying, selling, and combining land into larger land masses in this digital environment.

Land in this digital world provide their owners with digital commodities. These players can purchase and sell their goods and commodities in a completely self regulating market system where a seller does not need a buyer and vice versa to complete a transaction. This innovation from GigLabs adjusts the entire market in real-time for every transaction in the market.

Developing such a virtual game world that has real-world implications would not be possible without blockchain.

An Innovation Studio Model

Jon joined us in August to round out the team at GigLabs as a marketing and sales leader to help us with growth and strategy. It was Jon who helped us define what GigLabs has ultimately become. Recognizing that we all love ideation, products, and the creation process, Jon introduced us to the concept of an innovation studio, where we would see ideas through from initial conception through launching successful businesses.

Tapping into our strengths in problem solving, product creation, and go to market, along with capital we infused into the company, an innovation studio model allows us to harness this ability and launch companies from our most successful ideas and products.

Second Legion Studios is Born

From our point of view, blockchain will be the next disruptive technology in gaming, creating a new business model for players and game companies alike: play-to-earn. With a very promising start with CryptoRome and big ideas for growth, the GigLabs team made the decision to form its first venture — Second Legion Studios. It will press forward with the CryptoRome gaming ecosystem, enhancing the social, gaming, and eSports aspects of the platform itself. We will harness the new gaming business model of play-to-earn to also launch new games and further push the possibilities blockchain brings to gaming, esports and digital collectibles.

If you would like to know more about CryptoRome, Second Legion Studios, or are interested in getting involved in the GigLabs Blockchain Innovation Studio in Atlanta, Georgia, please visit our sites or connect with us directly.

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Douglas Dimola