GigApps for Developers

A community of decentralized software development teams.

Why GigApps?

  • Work when you want, where you want, with who you want, and on projects that interest you.

  • Accumulate Proof of Effort (PoE) benefits, such as vacation and retirement, just by completing jobs on the platform.

  • No longer spend time searching for work or projects.

  • Join or form a decentralized app development team (1-150 people per team).

  • You do not have to be a full-stack developer. Feel free to specialize.  Leverage your team to handle the software layers you aren’t familiar with.

  • Join one or more teams at a time.  Shift to work that interests you.

  • Decide on when and how much you want to work.

  • Get paid instantly when work is completed (payment is guaranteed through a smart contract).

Join the workforce revolution!

Photo by ALotOfPeople/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by ALotOfPeople/iStock / Getty Images

Teams and developers wanted!

Teams are forming for the Beta launch of GigApps soon. Get on our waiting list today for early access to the platform. If you are interested in leading a decentralized software development team, please let the GigEx team know.


Already a member of an Open Source Project?

  • Add your open source project to the GigApps platform.

  • By listing your project here, users can request features from you, meaning you get paid for your work!

  • Listing your project in GigApps is simple, and does not require any changes to your current open source project or structure. You will simply get more paid-for feature requests.


Already a member of a local software development business?

  • Add your team to the GigApps platform.

  • GigApps provides you with free lead generation - Free to use, so why not?

  • Fill any temporary needs or skills gaps using the talent pool inside the platform.

  • Listing your company in GigApps is simple, and does not require any changes to your current structure.


Form a team or register your team here today.




“Your one-stop shop for blockchain application development”

Simply post a brief description of your project, and we'll quickly match you with the right team.


Choose a team that fits your development needs from our pool of talented development teams.

A team lead and/or a product manager will be your point of contact throughout the project. Your satisfaction is the GigApp team’s #1 goal. In the spirit of agile development, your project will be delivered in iterative fashion, and you will be given app demos throughout the development process. If anything is not to your liking along the way, the teams will change the app until it meets your expectations.

“Perfect solution for blockchain projects in need of developers that have raised cryptocurrencies through ICO and token sales”


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