Digital Collectibles Made Possible with Blockchain

The diamond status bag tag that the business traveler puts on display while moving to the front of the line.

The bobblehead given to the first 10,000 fans in attendance.

The leather keychain given only to new car owners when they drive off the lot. 

Collectibles have long been an effective tool for marketers to build brand loyalty, motivate behavior and gain incremental spend from consumers. 

Blockchain brings collectibles to the digital world by enabling true ownership to the consumer and resulting in digital “stuff” that consumers actually want.

Benefits to marketers

  • Incremental engagement and spend: When a consumer owns a digital collectible and and can trade or sell it, they are more motivated to earn it which means higher activity, frequency and spend

  • Reduced costs: Physical collectibles are costly both in time and money to create and distribute. Blockchain digital assets and the smart contracts that drive them provide a cost efficient path to create, distribute, and share these collectibles and rewards

  • Cross platform / partnerships: Blockchain ensures simplicity and cost savings when adding partners, moving programs along quickly and integrating with ecosystem partners with ease.

Ready to get started?

GigLabs is a blockchain solutions innovator. We utilize public blockchains to create digital tokens that represent a unique, ownable digital collectibles. These collectibles are upgradeable, tradeable, and collectors items that your customers will love. We can get your first digital collectible project completed quickly and efficiently.

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