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How Youtube partnered with GigLabs and Advoc8 to deliver personalized NFT gifts using physical Infinite Objects displays.


Advoc8 wanted to provide a personalized experience for YouTube’s top creators that was both new and innovative. Not to be outdone by the prior year’s campaign, which saw the delivery of 1,194 gifts in 20 different languages, Advoc8 needed a fulfillment partner for their digital displays that could handle twice the number of gifts this time around. They also needed a minting partner to manage the creation and redemption of the NFT artwork. Lastly, Advoca8 had to ensure that only the intended recipients could redeem their personalized NFTs.

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  • GigLabs utilized its NFTBridge platform to mint all 2,500 creator NFTs on the Flow Blockchain. Each NFT contained unique artwork and metadata descriptions associated with the creators.

  • Advoc8 partnered with Infinite Objects, a video printing company known for its work with NBA TopShot and famed NFT artist Beeple, for the fulfillment. Each creator video was loaded onto a 5”x7” digital display and assigned unique identifiers and a QR code before being packaged.

  • QR codes on the display brought the creators to a customized NFT claim page powered by GigLabs. The creators redeemed their NFTs by entering their email addresses. White-listeded emails ensured that the NFTs could only be redeemed by the recipient.


2,500 NFTs Minted


YouTube was able to implement a surprise and delight marketing approach to promote customer loyalty, retention and engagement with their top 2,500 creators through an innovative gifting approach. The collaboration between Advoc8, GigLabs and Infinite Objects streamlined the delivery of the physical gifts and digital NFTs into a user-friendly and seamless fulfillment.

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