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We’re giving up to 100 attendees of the TABCONF a free village in CryptoRome! Complete this form by Tuesday, February 12, 2019 and you will receive instructions by email to claim your free village!

In the meantime, you can create your player and get started in CryptoRome! Every player gets 500 troops from Caesar’s personal legion so you can compete in battles and earn prizes in battle today!

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About CryptoRome

CryptoRome is a virtual game society set in Ancient Rome. Players can manage their village, grow resources, improve their lands and craft new items. Items produced by your villages are written to the blockchain - you own them! This means you can sell them for actual money in the Marketplace.

Your villages produce troops that you can take into real-time multiplayer battles to compete for rewards!

CryptoRome and the Blockchain

If there is one thing you should know about CryptoRome as it relates to blockchain, it's that blockchain enables players to sell their game assets for real money. No more spending time, energy and money in a game only to get nothing back in return if life or interests take you in a direction where you're no longer playing. In CryptoRome, when you buy a village or a centurion for example, you always have the option to sell that village to another player! Learn more.

About GigLabs

Founded in January 2018, GigLabs is recognized as a leader in innovative blockchain design. Our mission is to build solutions that enable widespread consumer adoption of blockchain technology. In Summer 2018, Giglabs launched CryptoRome, which serves as the real-world proof of concept for our blockchain IP.